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Cath’s adventures – tales from the other side…

Whatever else menopause is, it most certainly is not for the faint-hearted! I could tick off almost every last one of the 35 symptoms of menopause, while adding a few new ones of my own. I’ve lost count of the number of times I had myself measured up for my coffin. Apparently all that is normal for the big change.

So what’s it like on the other side? Has everything suddenly stopped causing havoc now that I’m officially post-menopausal?

The short answer to the first question is, it’s pretty much the same as pre-menopause but definitely no chance of another monthly visit, or unexpected visits from the stork! I celebrated this fact by handing over every last towel and tampon to Cost Centre 1 (aka beloved daughter). I removed them from my desk drawer at work, toilet bags, and handbag pockets. Like Christmas tree needles in Easter, the little packets are still turning up in unexpected places three years down the line!

Now to the second question…. have symptoms ceased to trouble me, disappearing as if switched off? Nope. But before you despair, they’re not as intense as they once were, and I’m more accustomed to them so I don’t give them a chance to turn into meno-monsters! Well, mostly. There are days when I’m utterly down in the dumps, tearing my hair out over some tiny, but huge to me, issue.

Over the next few weeks I’ll fill you in on some of the bigger issues:

  • Skin, hair and nail health
  • Is the old libido gone for good?
  • Taming the waist-line and keeping active in general
  • Erratic temperature control
  • Bone health
  • Hearty hearts
  • Anything else that springs to mind… like brain fog and forgetfulness

If you are still on the other side, and new to my blog, why not have a look at my adventures in Perimenopauseland.

Keep smiling… it makes everyone wonder what you’re up to!

5 thoughts on “Cath’s adventures – tales from the other side…”

  1. At 63, it’s interesting how periods of moodiness occasionally remind me of PMS. My biggest issues on this side are bone health, fluctuating energy levels, and dryness – everywhere. But it’s still better than having to worry about birth control or the monthly visitor. Much better!


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