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SoCS – Story time

Into the shiny new car climbed Cath, followed by Cost Centres 1 and 2.

‘Don’t touch any of the buttons’ Cath said, fixing both kids with a Paddington Stare. ‘This is my new toy, bought and paid for by me, so I get to be the one to poke all the buttons first.’

Cath may be a fully grown woman but when it comes to new toys she shows no mercy to those threatening to play with her toys before she gets the chance!

‘Press the brake pedal and then push the start button Mrs Dean’ says the salesman. ‘Perfect. Just make sure everything is adjusted to your driving preferences.’

Adjusting the wing mirrors and rear view mirror with the push of a button and sliding the seat forward, Cath was ready for launch.

As the garage door rolled up, Cath prepared to head off.

‘Enjoy your new car Mrs Dean.’

And with that, Cath pulls out of the garage and tentatively onto to main road.

‘Give it some beans Mum!’ – meaning put my foot down.

‘Switch the radio on!’

‘Bring up the satnav and put the map into heads-up mode.’

‘Call Dad!’

‘Will you lot shush! I’m just getting the hang of how big the car is… everything else can just wait for now.’

Sullen silence in the back of the car for the rest of the journey home.


Reversing carefully into the driveway, Cath switches off the engine and spends the next 2 hours playing with every single button.

Two days later Cath still hasn’t figured out what some of them do, but she’ll have fun experimenting,

Today’s Stream of Consciousness is sponsored by Cath’s new car, her button-happy kids, and the nice sales chap in the garage. To join in with the weekend fun, visit Linda G Hill for rules and regulations.

5 thoughts on “SoCS – Story time”

    1. Thank you. I had so much fun driving through very narrow lanes today. I even breathed in as I drove over a super-narrow canal bridge- as if that would make my car shrink! I’m now parking at the far end if the supermarket car park ‘just in case!’ 🤪

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