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#SoCS – random ponderings!

Linda’s prompt word for this week’s SoCS is shade. In no particular order, here’s what popped into my personal stream…

I well remember the year Fifty Shades of Grey was published. It’s the first time I’ve read a book while continually looking up stuff in the internet! I must have lead a very sheltered life! My research was quite an eye-opener. That summer, while on holiday in Turkey, it seemed that every woman relaxing in the shade of their parasols, was reading the same book. Each of us exchanged knowing looks as we passed by.

Moving on…. As I looked out over my back garden, I could see how well my new shade-loving plants have grown since they were planted earlier this year. I do love a pretty hellebore. They looked spectacular this morning, sparkling with frost.

Mr D flipped on the radio while we got ready for a mornings Christmas shopping today. What joy! Procol Harum was belting out “A whiter shade of pale”, joined by me warbling into my hairbrush like a total diva. The warbling was cut short by Pup yapping crazily, hoping for second breakfast. Sneaky mutt!

And finally, due to the frosty morning, I needed my super-cool shades while driving. The sun is so low on the horizon that even my car shades can’t prevent the sun streaming directly into my eyes. Not unless I set the seat height so high my head touches the roof!

And that’s your lot for this Saturday. The Cath stream of consciousness is now closed until next weekend.

Wishing you all a wonderful Saturday xx

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