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SoCS – what the heck?

As some of you may be aware, I’ve headed north to be with my Dad as he’s gone through a wee operation. He’s doing really well and been a model patent. However, my departure from my own home seems to have triggered the pup into utter delinquency.

‘For crying out loud! How the blooming heck did pup get into the stocking fillers?’ I shouted down the phone, after being informed of the shredded foils on the floor… minus the contents, chocolate coins. As if that wasn’t enough, she also managed to raid the food bin, eating onion peelings. Between the chocolate and the onions, Pup seemed determined to kill herself. It’s a measure of how strong her guts are, as part from regurgitating the foil wrappers, she’s been fine.

Tomorrow I will return home now that my Dad is well on the road to recovery. I dare say my arrival home will prompt a loud howl from Pup, as she realises her reign of delinquency will be at an end.

Thank you Linda for hosting SoCS.