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JusJoJan 3rd – A motto to live by

Did anyone actually use the Facebook poke function in the early years? I always felt it was a smidge rude to virtually poke your friends. Even meeting in real life would not prompt me to jab a finger in their ribs. I think, on reflection, I prefer the Messenger Wave… less invasive and definitely friendlier.

Languages are funny beasts. Words can sound the same but have vastly different meanings. This can lead to all sorts of miscommunications between people. Poke can be a short, sharp jab to the body, sticking one’s nose into others business, or even a food – a Hawaiian dish. But mostly, poke seems to be a verb.

Oddly enough, it’s not a common verb used in school mottos. Most mottos advise the wearer to be truthful or hardworking. The best motto I know of (and I wish it was a real life one) is “Draco dormiens nunquam titilandus”. It more or less translates to “Don’t tickle a sleeping dragon”. The nearest real life motto would be “Don’t poke the wasp’s nest!” Now that’s a helpful and sound motto to live by.

Join in the annual January fun by visiting Linda’s site. The rules/guidelines and prompts are fun to follow.

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