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JusJoJan 5th – aims and objectives

Lucky me. I got a new Yoga Greatness journal at Christmas. One of the many features I love is it encourages you to set positive intentions for the day. They are carefully worded to the present tense, e.g I am … If you set them in the future e.g. I will be … your intention has less chance of becoming reality. Setting them in the here and now sets your frame of mind ready to be whatever it is you’ve decided.

Some of my favourites for when I’m feeling a little wobbly-wobbly are:

  • I am full of health and vitality
  • I am calm and relaxed
  • I move with ease and balance (this one is ideal for yoga classes for obvious reasons)

I’m sure you lovely readers have some great examples to share in the comments section.

Footnote: my intention was to post this earlier today but I got sidetracked by a day trip to to coast. It was wild a bracing!

Please visit Linda G Hill for the lowdown on taking part in JosJoJan.

3 thoughts on “JusJoJan 5th – aims and objectives”

  1. Excellent gift! I made up a song to the tune of “I’m So Pretty,” that goes, “I’m so healthy, I’m so healthy, I’m so healthy and happy and free! I’m so healthy, cause I’m finally loving me…..” Happy New Year!

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