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JusJoJan 10th – The present that gave itself away

Almost three years my lovely family decided it was time for me to have a dog again. My first dog had died unexpectedly young, only seven years old. I was heartbroken and vowed to not go through that again. That said, both kiddos, in cahoots with Mr D, searched for a suitable pup and presented me with photos and an appointment to visit the litter.

Being the kind and caring mum that I am, I went along to show willing. So sure were they of persuading me into it, they brought deposit with them and paid for the pup.

Fast-forward to today. Pup has decided who she belongs to and it isn’t me. It’s Mr D first and last, with cost centres 1 and 2 (Aka my kids) a close second… I only feature on Pup’s radar when everyone else is out!

Today’s word, Dogs, comes courtesy of Di’s, with JusJoJan hosted by Linda G Hill.

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