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JusJoJan 18th – Avengers Assemble…

… this beautiful Ikea office desk. You may only use the tools contained in the flat pack and you may not have any bits left over.

Loki shredded the instructions but the Black Widow is one step ahead of him. Enlisting the brain power of Dr Banner, they secretly reconstruct the ‘big picture’, the end game, ready to deploy when everyone else has given up hope.

Captain America, determined not to let a piece of furniture defeat him, has sorted all the screws, nuts, bolts and weird things (I have no idea what they are but they hold stuff together) into categories and has them laid out on his shield in order of use.

Iron Man and Pepper, liaising with BW through concealed ear-pieces, lay out the building blocks of the desk. As Iron Man places the pieces together, he can’t help but think he could have designed a nicer desk with more functions. Typical! As Captain America hands him the correct fixings, Dr Banner fits the sides to the desk top with precision. Unfortunately the pre-drilled holes do not align. Our heroes have reached the “Buggrit! let’s go to the pub” stage of the build.

“If only we had a hammer, we could make it fit!” growls Dr Banner, turning an interesting shade of green. As the Avengers back away from Dr Banner, a noise like rushing wind precedes the appearance of a ruggedly handsome Viking warrior.

“Did someone mention needing a hammer? I’m your man!” smiles Thor, muscles rippling.

Seconds later, the desk is battered into submission and now resembles the plan in the Black Widow’s head.

“Well that saved us time, Thor. Can we treat you to a flagon of your favourite ale?” chorus the Avengers, united in their desire for beer.

“Lead the way.” replies Thor as he smashes open the door on an eavesdropping Loki. A great night was had by all and a beautiful new desk was born. There were no bits left over (The Hulk ate them) and everyone glossed over the fact that Thor’s hammer was not part of the build kit.

This weird combination of SoCS and JusJoJan is from Linda’s prompt. Visit her lovely site for the rules of engagement and enjoy.

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