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JusJoJan 19th – you want me to screw what to where?

Mr D and I are busy redecorating our master suite. So far, apart from a pink paint fiasco (it was supposed to be deep plum) it’s gone well. As the painting has neared completion, my attention has moved to soft furnishings e.g. curtains.

Mr D has left curtains, cushions and carpets to me. He’s more interested in the fittings, more specifically the curtain track. I was happy with a simple track but he had his heart set on a fancy cord pull with an overflap! Fine… I can factor this into my project plans. What I hadn’t factored in was the need to speak fluent gobbledegook!

I read through the instructions at least twice. Gave up. Grabbed a screwdriver and measuring tape and set about it. They may be more tricky than straightforward curtain tracks, but it turns out common sense beats technobabble any day. The whole thing is up, working and waiting for the curtains to arrive.

Today’s example of utter DIY frustration and instructional challenges was brought to you by Jim and hosted by Linda G Hill.

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