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JusJoJan 24th – Adapting to different circumstances

Well goodness me, it’s Friday already! Where did the week go?

I love Wendy‘s prompt for today – change. This could mean anything from loose coins in Mr D’s pockets, to something becoming different to what it was. This week was all about changing health status. I was fine and dandy at the beginning of the weekend but by Sunday evening, the ominous gurgling emanating from my innards, warned of impending change. By Wednesday this had changed back to normal innards (thank goodness), but an irritating head cold and tickly cough had taken over. I am hopeful that my extra daily dose of vitamin C and zinc will see me change back to fully fit and healthy again.

In other news, I have decided to change my educational status with regards to typing skills. I was a ‘hunt and peck’ kind of a girl, but having started an on-line course, I am aware of a multitude of bad habits which need to change if I want to get faster and more accurate. A positive change in these parameters will help me be more productive at work and blogging. Mind you, the biggest change I’ve noticed so far, is in my use of the backspace key… less of it, but also less speed. It’s early days! In the meantime, I am having fun playing keyboard typing games!

Linda G Hill is our host for this wonderful way to kick-start a new year of blogging. Pop over to her site for the rules of engagement.

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