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JusJoJan 30th – the end is nigh!

The finishing post (haha) is almost in sight, this being the penultimate post for JusJoJan 2020. Lauren has supplied today’s prompt, ‘finished’ with Linda as our gracious host.

Tomorrow JusJoJan will be finished for another year. I shall be sad to see the end of it, but on the other hand, it means we have successfully survived January, the days are getting longer and my bank balance will have been replenished after the beating it took at Christmas!

Due to life getting in the way, and the temporary loss of marbles (see yesterday’s post) some of my posts feel unfinished to me, even the ones I most happy with. When is something really finished? The Christmas cake is finally finished, the supporting evidence being not a scrap left. My gin Christmas presents, however, may take a little longer to consume, drain, exhaust, so long I’ve had to put a temporary hold on my Craft Gin Club membership for now, otherwise I’d be swimming in it! There’s a pleasant thought!

Anyhoo… as my lunch break is now wrapped up, come to an end, this post must finish before the boss catches me!!

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