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For the love of coffee…

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My morning routine (or habit, depending on how you look at it) consist of one or two hits of the snooze button, a controlled pilates move to get me into the upright position without jiggering a muscle or two and a few yoga stretches before I hit the shower room. Once suitably attired the next task is to feed the pup to get her out from underneath my feet. While she’s snarfing/vacuuming her kibble, the very important task of the day needs attending to – setting up the coffee machine.

To me there’s nothing better than the smell of percolating coffee, not to mention the jump-start I get from my morning cuppa. The only blot on the horizon is palpitations. In my younger years I consumed enough coffee every day to jump-start a jumbo jet without feeling any the worse for it. Nowadays even the second cuppa will trigger the feeling that I’ve just outrun Usain Bolt!

I don’t want to change my morning routine/habit… a bad day with coffee is still better than a good day without it. So how do I get round this? I need the caffeine hit, just smaller. After much experimentation I think I’ve found the answer… a 2:1 blend of rich roasted coffee and decaf coffee, enough of a kick-start to the day without the unwanted jittery stuff.

What morning routine get’s you set up for the day?

Wishing you all a fabulous Friday Eve

Cath xx

8 thoughts on “For the love of coffee…”

  1. Ok. I have two alarms set fifteen minutes apart. Psychology wise, I like it better than snooze. I stretch for a second in bed, then I go to the living room and chill for five minutes. Then I have some books that I read a page or two from, I’m trying to be mindful. I then play a silly game app for a few minutes as I heat water for tea, I make eggs as my tea steeps and I check emails and texts and scan calendar and to do list. Post brekkie I walk dog, then another tea and I blog.

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    1. Ooo! Two alarms sounds better. My snooze function only has one setting – 9 minutes! I do a bit of mindfulness and gratitude in between the alarms, helps me frame my day. My laptop is usually coming to it senses while I sort out the furbaby and coffee. By the time coffee is ready all my overnight work emails have loaded up.
      All in all, your start to the day sound way more peaceful and mindful than mine. Chaos reigns in the Dean household until about 10am! Aaaand breathe! 🧘🏻‍♀️

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      1. My morning routines evolves as I do. This routine has been happening for about six months there, with some tweaks as needed. It’s all about what works for you during certain times in your life. Mine is way different then it was when my daughter was still living at home

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  2. I have never set an alarm at home. 1) I wake up when I need to – I always have. I set them when I travel, but I always wake up before they go off. 2) my wife is up before me, has the coffee made.

    I’m impressed that feeding the dog comes before making your coffee. That’s love!

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