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Interesting subject for SoCS

So the snow-bound Linda has come up with a cracking prompt… using words containing the letters ‘etc‘, not to be confused with etc!

As with all such challenges, the first thing I do is to think up words starting with ‘ect’. The only one I came up with was ectoplasm. I’m obviously a Ghostbusters fan, the 1984 version. I well remember our local cinema went all out to join in the fun, covering every free-standing object with sheets and green slime. Ah! Those were the days. I was still at high school. I’m now giving away my age!

Having run out of words beginning with ‘ect‘ (that didn’t take long, Cath!), I shifted focus to words containing ‘ect‘.

School was a mixed bag of experiences. My senior years were the most fun. I’m still in touch with my biology teacher who taught me to respect the insect world instead of waging war on it, one bug at a time. After all, we need these little critters to take care of waste disposal and pollination (amongst other jobs)! No bees, no flowers. The prospect of a beeless world does not bear thinking about.

In contrast, I wasn’t the greatest fan of English lessons. The teacher was an absolute harridan. She used to patrol between our desks, slapping our desks (and occasionally our hands) with her ever-present ruler if we made mistakes such as mixing up the correct usage of ‘affect‘ and ‘effect‘. I can tell you this much, the longterm effect of having her as a teacher affected my view of the teaching profession for years!

I think that will do. I dare say I could come up with something witty in reference to the day Mr D went for a vasectomy, but as he’s lurking over my shoulder, wondering when I’ll be finished, I shall stop right now!

Wishing you all a wonderful Saturday.

Cath xx

Thanks go to the snowbound Linda G Hill for hosting this wonderful weekly challenge. Pop over and say ‘hi’. You may need a snow shovel!

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