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SoCS – right by my side

Cracking prompt, Linda. We have to write about what is beside us at the time of reading the prompt. As it was the wee small hours of the morning when I read it, Mr D is to my left, gently snoring his head off. I envy his ability to sleep through the night. I’m awake because Cost Centre 2 (aka my son) and his girlfriend are making their way back to the UK after a month travelling and diving in Thailand. There are so many pinch-points between the island they were staying on and the UK, not to mention airports, that I’m naturally worried for them. I’m looking forward to them being back in the UK!

With Mr D sound asleep and my brain firmly on the hamster wheel of doom, I gave up trying to get myself calm and reached to my right. My bedside table stands guard to make sure I don’t fall out!

Like my handbag, my bedside table holds a wondrous array of items. On top are the key items I need: lamp, house phone, iWatch charger which is also my alarm clock, reading glasses, a book and a homemade aromatherapy room spray for calmness.

Underneath there’s a single drawer which has the same properties as Dr Who’s Tardis! Apart from emergency paracetamols (in case of accidental hangovers) and a pen, there’s stuff in there that hasn’t seen the light of day for years. I must clear it out while we are on lock-down.

Below the drawer is a small cupboard, home to years of birthday, valentine’s and mother’s day cards. Both Cost Centre’s baptismal candles are there too, along with the hospital tags that ringed their tiny wrists and ankles when they were born. It seems to be memory cupboard… again, I must make an effort to tidy it out.

And that’s it. Nothing else nearby. I like a tidy, uncluttered area to sleep in. If I can’t actually see it (as in it’s all hidden in the drawer and cupboard) then it’s tidy!

Wishing you all a safe and healthy weekend.

Cath xx

Many thanks to Linda G Hill, queen of weekly prompts. Pop over and say hi… read the rules of engagement and get posting.

4 thoughts on “SoCS – right by my side”

  1. That’s a sweet and humorous post, thanks for sharing it with us. I hope the cost center (sorry, spellcheck won’t let me write it correctly) makes it back safely.

    Stay safe, and don’t pick on Mr D. I can sleep through anything.

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  2. My hubby snores away peacefully as well. He’s always been able to sleep soundly, though, even when the kids were little and my system was on high alert for any weird noises. 😆

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