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One-liner Wednesday – learning new things!

There’s a first time for everything… in my case making rope ladders for fairies. I know they have wings but they might be tired out! Just saying!!

Ladder for fairies with tired wings

Thanks to Linda for hosting this midweek fun! Click here to visit her and check out the rules of engagement.

8 thoughts on “One-liner Wednesday – learning new things!”

  1. There are lots of things I love about this. One is that it looks like maybe the tree didn’t have to be hurt to wedge the house in there. I bet the fairies appreciate the ladder. They can have non flying friends over or pull the ladder up if they don’t feel like company.

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    1. The ladder is up at the moment for social distancing (as well as the deck being painted with sealant)
      The tree has definitely had a hard start in life but now it gets to celebrate its unfortunate bifurcation with a pretty fairy house🧚‍♂️

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