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SoCS – Making sweet music … or not!

Linda’s Saturday challenge would have been simple if I was following US grammar and spelling, but I’m not. I just can’t. I have to use US spelling at work and that’s fine, even though it confuses the heck out of me when I’m not at work. Did I spell fibre correctly? Yes as I’m at home writing this post…. and no if I’m at work writing about optical transmission along fiber optic cables.

What has this got to do with Linda’s challenge? Everything! You see, the prompt word is practice and/or practise. Not a problem for my US friends… there’s just ‘practice’ for nouns and verbs. However, on this side of the pond we like to make things ‘interesting’!

When I was a little girl, knee-high to a grasshopper, our primary school tested our musical potential and I was given an violin! I really wanted a flute or a clarinet but my teacher thought I would do well with the violin.

In the ensuing weeks, my parents and the neighbours (note UK spelling) were treated to daily practice of said instrument. My repetitive renditions of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ drove every sentient being nuts. I overheard my parents describing my efforts as a weasel being sawn in half! The cheek of it!

As the years progressed, I practised for exams and school concerts. By now the thin screeching had been replaced by something more melodic. In truth, I still didn’t like the violin much. I preferred to play the piano or mosh around my bedroom with my electric guitar, amplifier and headphones.

Fast-forward to the days of Cost-centres (UK spelling again) 1 and 2 (aka my kids) attending primary school and history repeats itself again. This time the dreaded stringed instrument has been replaced by a B flat cornet and a flute. I cannot begin to describe the dreadful din during practice sessions. Suffice to say lessons lasted one school term and those shiny instruments lie in their cases undisturbed. Anyone want a couple of little-used tooters?

Thanks go to Linda G Hill for hosting this weekend prompt. Pop over and say Hi, give her a follow, and join in the fun!

8 thoughts on “SoCS – Making sweet music … or not!”

  1. I took flute lessons in school for about half a year but it never took hold. Later in high school a friend taught me acoustic guitar which I still play. Maybe it’s good to practice a little of the basics on a more classical? instrument. Sounds like you had a nice variety of musical outlets. 🙂

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  2. See, in the US, music stores make money by renting the instruments to the kids so, if they give up, you just return the thing and it doesn’t cost you any more than what you spent in rent.


  3. Like JoAnna I also tried and failed at the flute. Never could manage to get it to make a sound – not once! I blamed it on my overbite but one has to wonder if I just really stunk at the flute. 😆

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    1. I tried my daughter’s flute… it was wonderful… but I couldn’t get to grips with the dizziness of blowing into the mouthpiece. The only noise I got out of my son’s cornet was something resembling a wet fart! 😮


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