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One-liner Wednesday – Changing tack.

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Back at the beginning of this year Mr D and I decided to take up a new challenge, to learn to sail. Times change and so must we. His new hobby is turning our grass into lawns with the help of a moss raking machine and a new toy, a robomower. He’s called it Fenrir (why name it after a werewolf?) but I’m voting for the Mowlenium Falcon.

My change of tack has been to learn to read tarot! If I’m any good at it I could leave corporate life and enjoy my new hobby full time.

One thing’s for sure, people around the globe are discovering hidden talents. What’s keeping you from utter boredom during lockdown?

Many thanks to Linda for hosting this midweek prompt. Pop over to say hi, read the rules of engagement and join in the fun.

8 thoughts on “One-liner Wednesday – Changing tack.”

  1. How long will it take you to learn to read tarot? And more to the point how many decks of cards will you eventually buy! People I know who have learned tarot seem to like the cards as much as the skill.

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  2. People are discovering many hidden talents indeed. How’s tarot reading turning out for you? As for me, the A2Z challenge has got me busy. I have also taken this opportunity to compile a list of many fun activities to do during this lockdown. Hope you are safe and well.

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    1. Thank you. I hope you are safe and well too. It’s soo cool! The readings I’ve done so far have been for me and my daughter. I wasn’t expecting much but they’ve been enlightening! Enjoy working through your list 😁


  3. Learning to read tarot cards sounds like a great way to pass this time! I’m embracing cooking — my recipe collection and ingredient organizational skills have never been so on point. In all honesty I’m having a tough enough time keeping on top of my regular pastimes, though. I’m terribly impressed by folks learning a new skill.


  4. Learning a new skill is a wonderful idea. Hubs and I are doing something much less fun – mulching our flowerbeds on the days when it is nice outside and cleaning out the basement on the days when it’s too rainy to go out. Maybe I will suggest tarot to him! 🙂

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    1. So far we’ve blitzed the greenhouse, scrubbed patio slabs, scrubbed and resealed the sun deck, weeded the front and back gardens and cooked from scratch every day! We are actually running out of jobs!!!😁


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