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SoCS – Cheers!

Cheers to the community nursing team who cared for my mother (and father) at home during this crisis.

Cheers to the family doctors who came to see her when she became very sick.

Cheers to the paramedics who tended to her and took her to hospital.

Cheers to the hospital teams who looked after her, tested her for COVID -19 (which, fortunately, she doesn’t have), tested her for other things, and treated her with great care while she flitted in and out of the here and now.

Cheers to the palliative care team who, with the greatest of empathy, have provided us with much-needed advice.

Cheers to the banking staff and our family lawyers who dealt with powers of attorney with deepest respect.

Cheers to everyone else I may have forgotten in my list.

And finally, cheers to my mum who will celebrate her 80TH birthday in hospital, still in isolation (having come into contact with a COVID positive patient) without any of her family being able to visit.

Happy birthday Mum. Hang in there! God willing, we’ll see you soon!

Linda G Hill challenged us to write anything we like as long as a word started with ‘CH’. Cheers to Linda!

6 thoughts on “SoCS – Cheers!”

    1. The nursing team made her a cake, took photos for us and then arranged a FaceTime call so we could all join in together singing Happy Birthday to her. I’m an emotional wreck now.


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