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Life is a soap opera!

As anyone who knows me in person will tell you, I’m very rarely stuck for words. I may be momentarily caught off guard, but the silence is usually broken within 2 seconds. This week I found myself utterly at a loss. Don’t get me wrong. I had plenty to say but none of it would be helpful. I would regret saying what was in my mind, and possibly alienate Cost Center 2 (aka my son) for life. Mind you, I’d love to know what was going on in his head when he dropped his little bombshell!!

You wanna do what?!

What on earth could this bombshell be? I’ll tell you. Honestly… sometimes I feel like I’m living in a soap opera! As you know, my mother is reaching the end of her life due to a vicious combination of advanced breast cancer and vascular dementia. With this in mind, knowing that I may have to make a dash for Scotland to be with my sister and dad, and keep myself as COVID-free as possible, he’s invited an on-line girlfriend who he’s never met in the flesh, to come and visit us… for a month… from the US! The tickets are already purchased!

I couldn’t possibly let you know all that went through my head for fear of melting down the WordPress decency algorithms, but I think my face said it all. It turns out I have a ‘WTF’ expression. It hasn’t had much use until this week. It took nanoseconds to dust it off and turn it up to maximum power.

First of all, I like to be asked if it’s ok to invite someone over.

Second of all, a month!? A whole 4 weeks! And it coincides with the Dean family holiday – a small cottage in the country that sleeps four!! Now, due to unexpected circumstances, we will be squashing 6 people and a dog into this cottage. I hope it has TARDIS-like properties!

Thirdly, all people arriving from the US into the UK are required to place themselves into quarantine for 14 days. That would put the entire Dean household into quarantine, meaning if Mum deteriorates to the point where the hospital make ‘that’ call to me, I would be unable to travel to her side.

This is the trouble with youngsters (gross generalisation coming up) these days. they focus on what they want and to hell with the consequences. I’m now at the stage where I daren’t ask “What next?” just in case the universe decides to take this as a challenge!

Do not disturb under any circumstances!

I’m off to the bottom of the garden for some space, yoga and meditation… on my own!!

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