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SoCS – Trickier trick or treating

This year’s Hallowe’en is a little trickier than usual. Our area has moved into tighter COVID restrictions today. It’s not made much difference to how the Dean household has been operating. We’ve stayed clear of places and people as much as we can, but I could do with some fun!

I love getting dressed up to scare our tiny visitors. I love swing them dressed up and trying to scare me. This year, the trick is keep as much normality as you can, as safely as you can.

We will use our smart doorbell to talk spookily to anyone who’s brave enough to approach our door and reach into the treat bowl of wrapped sweets. We will disinfect the bowl after each group have gone, recharging the bowl with fresh treats. That should do the trick.

I hope everyone enjoys themselves safely today and tonight.

Thank you to Linda G Hill for hosting this weekend prompt. Click here to pop over and say Hi.

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