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Aaaaand breathe

Last time I wrote in this section, the Dean household was at maximum occupancy. This has since changed, much faster than I’d expected. As you know from the last post, I was expecting the change to happen around the end of November. Instead the number reduced by one last week. The situation here in England with COVID became too serious for me. Our guest, with underlying health conditions, needed to go home to the USA as soon as possible.

Going back into lockdown has been hard for many of us, but for me, it has provided some much needed space. The energy in the house is more relaxed and peaceful now that we are not subjected to daily wailing sessions (for no good reasons) and non-attendance to the dinner table for evening meals.

The pupster has been on longer walks than normal due to my need for quiet and space. When it comes to visitors, I feel they broadly fall into two categories. Some bring happiness when they arrive, others when they leave. For me, I’m relieved to have an emptier house. I couldn’t stand the loss of peacefulness in our home. It’s almost back to normal, just a small cloud hovering around Cost Center 2’s room as he adjusts to her being back home again. I won’t be letting him wallow for too long, nor will I allow future return visits for longer than 2 weeks. This is non-negotiable. One of the benefits of being a postmenopausal woman is people expect me to be a smidge more grumpy and aren’t as surprised when I decide to put my foot firmly down!

Meanwhile, I’ve managed to make good use of the extra time lockdown provides. I started a tarot certification course during lockdown 1.0. I completed the required online courses, offered free readings online to get more practice, and now, in lockdown 2.0, I completed a huge document for final submission. In fact I sent it off this week. I hope to have the results by the end of lockdown. Fingers crossed I need to buy a certificate frame!

During the rest of lockdown, I’ll make plans for setting up an online reading service… that will keep me out of mischief and give me something to look forward to – something that is not dependent on our COVID situation.

Stay safe and healthy my lovelies.

Cath xx

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