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Calling ‘Time out!’

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…in pace. After the year I’ve had, I’m taking a break from work and from blogging. It’s time I took my own advice and sort out my own ‘oxygen mask’ before helping anyone else with theirs. I’m worn out mentally and physically. I’m planning on not planning the days, except for the big three: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Those days require me to be on top of my cooking game, rustling up some kitchen magic in the form of food and drinks for the family and need military-grade plans to pull it off!

I will be concentrating on eating healthily, staying well hydrated, and moving more. My mojo has gone awol. The same cannot be said of the pounds gathering around my middle like an unwelcome spare tyre! With short days and freezing temperatures, I’m heading off my own excuses for not exercising by purchasing an exercise stand for my bicycle. I can hole up in the garage, free from frost and rain, listen to some music and pedal like fury to shift the Michelin middle before the holidays arrive.

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I’m reliably informed by our family doctor that getting more active and out of breath will greatly improve how I feel all round. In addition, it should stop my mind wandering too close to rabbit holes of doom. Never a good move. Improving my mood will have a positive knock on effect on the waistline. Hooray. A win-win situation.

As it’s been a while since I did the Ageless Goddess 14 day program, now seems like a good time to kick-start that as well. It doesn’t take a diary planner to do this either – although I could work it in somehow, to make some use of the otherwise-redundant year planner. In a pocket at the front there’s a letter to myself written at the beginning of the year, before life went bonkers. I can’t remember what advice I wrote so it will make interesting reading. given the twisted turns 2020 took.

Before I sign off, I wanted to thank each and every one of you for virtually holding my hand each step of the way this year, for your kind words when things were particularly tough, and for your humour when I needed to remember how to smile. I shall keep your energy tucked up safely in my heart while I recharge my batteries.

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I wish you all a safe and healthy Christmas, and see you in January for Linda G Hill’s legendary Jus-Jo-Jan challenge.

With love

Cath xx

2 thoughts on “Calling ‘Time out!’”

  1. I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful holiday season. It’s fun to hear “Boxing Day” be included. I helps to be reminded that we live in a world of culture.

    Take care, Cath, and stay safe.

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