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My stalker card!

You have to admire his sense of humour!

The Hanged Man is back again as card of the week! Clearly I didn’t take on board his message when he made an earlier appearance this month! More on this in a moment.

Last week’s draw was the Ten of Swords, a warning of short, sharp and painful endings. As you know, I felt this was connected to my strained relationship with my father. I’ve tried to keep some form of contact with him but it’s limited to texts only. He’s not answering phone calls or video calls. I’ve done everything I can to keep communications open. It’s up to him to make the next move…. or not. Who knows!

On with this week’s card, the Hanged man … again! Interesting! I need to take time to work out where his repeated appearances are due to me asking the same question over again but not listening to the answer, or needing to take the time to investigate more deeply. Whatever the reason, it time to take note, especially as he’s a Major Arcana card, containing important lessons for my spiritual growth. When you take into account the Angel Oracle card draw for the week, it seems these two decks are working well together and have a sense of humour and irony!

This week would seem to be perfect to take time out to ask some extra questions, to go deeper into the meaning of why the repeat appearances. I plan to meditate on the images in the Hanged Man, noting anything that springs to mind. Then quiz the tarot deck further with a trusted Biddy Tarot three card spread for just such occasions.

  • What is the importance of this card in my life right now?
  • What is preventing me from hearing the message of this card?
  • How can I release any blockages?

Have you found the same cards pop up in spite of serious shuffling? What did you do to discover the reason behind the repeats?

I will edit this post later this week when I’ve carried out my investigations and let you know what I’ve uncovered.

Wishing you all a blessed Ostara for those of you in the northern hemisphere.

Julie xx

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