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One-liner Wednesday – all change!

My COVID-19 app informed me that lockdown has officially ended in my neck of the woods. Not that I’ve noticed the difference yet. If everyone behaves themselves now that we don’t have to stay home, we will have freedom that looks more like the end of lockdown to me.

My criteria are few. Can I go to the pub and can I go shopping for non-essentials. If yes, then that’s good enough for me.

This midweek meander is part of Linda G Hill’s One-liner Wednesday. Pop over are say hi!

4 thoughts on “One-liner Wednesday – all change!”

    1. I’m done with it too. Here it the UK we can go to church, but our local church is doing this by pre-booking only as it’s a small building. I’ll watch on line again (like last year)


    1. Hehe! My hair is the longest it’s ever been! My poor hairdresser will have a fit.
      I’m excited to go non-essential shopping just for the fun of it. Ah, life in the fast lane 🤣


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