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#One-liner Wednesday – choices, choices!

Should I have a freshly pulled pint of golden ale or an ice-cold gin and tonic?

This was my dilemma yesterday evening, after work. Now that I’m free to visit our local pub for the first time in 6 months, what should I have to drink?

Also on the dilemma list, what should I wear? Pubs are limited to outdoor service only. I’ve yet to encounter an outdoor space heater that works beyond a few feet. So, should I opt for wind proof hillwalking gear or dress up (wear thermal undies) and put on a little make-up?

In the end I opted for hillwalking gear and a full face of makeup… and to drink? A beer, followed by another beer. I’m keeping the gin for Thursday night when we go back for our dinner date! Yippeeee!

This happy little post is part of Linda G Hill’s weekly challenge. Click here for the details on taking part.

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