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Time for something new

Some noisy energy going on here!

Well this makes a pleasant change – no sign of the Hanged Man, either upright or reversed. Instead we have Mr Livewire, the Page of Swords, brimming full of new ideas, eager to learn something new and generally bringing with him some fast-moving energy.

The pose he strikes on the little green hill looks as if he’s just said ‘Tada! I’m here. Let’s get moving!’  Before long, he’s talking rapidly about the plans he has for x, y, and z. His excitable energy is a sign that positive change is on the way, things moving forward again. It’s a great follow-on from the Hanged Man reversed from last week. He indicated that it was high time to take the foot off the brake pedal and whack it on the accelerator… at long last. 

The Page of Swords seems like a great reminder to keep that energy moving forwards. Mind you, he’s such an energiser bunny we might run out of breath trying to keep up with him. As a master communicator and ideas person, he may well indicate that now is the right time to let loose your inner author and write that book, create that blog site, record a podcast. Whatever your mode, it’s time to explore how to share your message.

Looking at my own working life, and how this card might fit in, I’m working closely with a colleague to help pass on some of y own knowledge to them. In effect I’m training up a mini-me. As we work in marketing, the Page gives me confidence in my succession planning. I’m on the right track.

On a more personal level, I have been thinking about some continuing development courses now that I am a certified Biddy Tarot reader. The Page of Swords is a great indicator that now is a good time to enrol in further education and connect with my Tarot tribe.

Over to you now. What new ideas have you had that are ripe for turning into reality? Do you find yourself thinking about learning something new? Share your ideas in the comments section and let’s see how this dynamic card plays out in the week ahead.

Wishing you a safe and healthy week.


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