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Lost! Inspiration… last seen hiding under a rock somewhere

Come on fingers. Start typing!

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

Lao Tzu

The writing of a Friday blog post of around 600 words(ish) must begin with a single word.

Cath Dean
On the hunt for inspiration!

Monday mornings are my usual day to come up with some inspiration for Friday’s post. I’ll take and idea, sketch out a plan, walk the pup, come back and write up what popped into my head as I walked along the path.

This Monday nothing sprang to mind. I had Pup to myself for the lunchtime walk and still no inspiration and the end of it, only a wet and muddy dog to hose down and dry.

Tuesday was exceptionally busy at work, leaving little room for inspiration of any sort. The lunchtime walk was taken up with troubleshooting work issues with Mr D and hosing down a mucky pup, yet again. Maybe an idea would make itself known after work. No such luck… still nothing.

Wednesday was just as busy as Tuesday, my mind dealing with all sorts of strange an unusual things people manage to do with on-line learning courses. Even though people have their own individual login credentials, somehow, two of them from the same company, ‘shared’ their credentials to sit exams. They weren’t smart enough to change their incorrect responses! When I saw two identical pass marks coming in one after the other, I investigated. As a result, the scores have been deleted and the exams reset for both people. Honestly, the time that took to sort it out! That’s a few hours of my life I’ll not see again! Needless to say, it didn’t help with a topic for this week.

Thursday was quieter at work. A large number of colleagues were enjoying a public holiday today, some taking Friday off as well, making a lovely long weekend break. At last, some breathing space. Alas, I was distracted by the weekly hot tub maintenance, the laundry, watering tomato plants etc etc. Oh, and work, of course. But still, no inspiration.

I tried to keep my mind peaceful during my morning cycle (on a stand, pedalling fast to nowhere), watching a pair of sparrows flitting back and forth to feed their newly hatched chicks. Still nothing. Gah! I’m running out of time. Oh well. Nothing for it but to write up the fruitless attempt to write this weeks blog!

Cheers to indoor hospitality!

Next week might prove more interesting. England’s restrictions relax even more. If it rains, I can still support our local pub, from inside! And we can stay overnight in hotels and inns. Mr D and I booked a couple of night away in anticipation of being able to go this time. We are beyond excited to leave the house for two whole nights, visiting the Yorkshire Dales and running some quality tests on the local beers.

Until next week, stay safe and well.

Cath xx

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