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The ‘Onwards’ theme continues

Look how far we’ve come, and where we’re going next!

One of the great things about looking forwards, is taking a moment to look back at how far you’ve come. Even if you feel you haven’t arrived at your destination, you are still on your way.

This week’s Angel Oracle card encourages me to take stock of my progress towards my goals. Add in the three of Wands and I can see I’m well under way. How timely, considering the little part of the world I live in has recently made further reductions in our COVID restrictions, increasing our freedoms again.

Looking more closely at the card, my eye is drawn to the far horizon and how it spans the entire view of the card. Whatever goals I set earlier in the year, now is the time to look at how I can expand them, being aware that the horizon contains a few hills and mountains, indicating upcoming challenges. Challenges are simply opportunities to test your mettle, making the goal all the more worth achieving. If something is too easy, you don’t appreciate it as much as when you’ve put heart and soul into it.

The expanse of water with passing boats may indicate that there will be chances to broaden my horizons with education, business opportunities or even, dare I say it, travel. 

I’ve already been busy on the education front by taking part in Biddy Tarot Community master classes, but I’ve avoided working with and learning more about reversed cards. The three of Wands may be my invitation to expand my reading knowledge to include reversals. The more I recognise internal resistance to this idea, the more I know I need to work on it.

With regard to business opportunities, it’s that time of year when my colleagues and I are due our midyear appraisals at work. A good outcome is needed if I’m to stand a chance of achieving my year-end goals. This review time is used to look back at what has gone well so far, what didn’t go to plan, and what additional resource is needed to help me towards my goals.

As for travel, I took a chance when our pathway out of lockdown was published, to book our annual week in a small cottage in Cornwall. Who knows, this may be the first trip of many more this year if borders reopen to warmer destinations.

Whatever happens, the energy of these two cards show that moving forwards on many fronts is there for the taking, with positive outcomes likely, as long as I stay committed to the goals, and are prepared to step out of my comfort zone.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy week.


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