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The brighter side of life returns

At last! Better times are coming!

Don’t you just love certain cards when they pop up in a reading? Who doesn’t love The Sun? That happy, smiling child riding a pretty pony. The pony reminds me of a ‘My Little Pony’, with its swishy tail and mane. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was a unicorn in disguise! Beaming down over the scene is a serene sun, warming the sunflowers growing on the wall. I often think the four flowers represent the four tarot suits basking in the warmth.

There’s been precious little feeling of sunshine and warmth in the last 6 months, what with COVID restrictions, spikes in variants and the weather. The UK has had one of the coldest springs for quite some time, coupled with persistent rain, hail and snow. We could be forgiven for forgetting that above it all, there’s blue skies and sunshine. It’s easy to fall into a downward spiral of negative thinking when faced with cold, wet and windy conditions. We humans perk up the minute a chink of blue sky appears.

This week’s oracle card reminds us to stay in balance, body, mind and spirit, no matter how relentless lockdown restrictions have been and no matter how cold and dark the weather. It’s important to remember that storms do not last forever. Above the cloud-filled skies the sun continues to shine and will be there for us once the skies eventually clear, as they surely will.

Take heart from this combination. We are nearly at the end of dark times. The draws in recent weeks are all pointing towards life starting to move again. Sunny days will return soon. Just hold on a little longer. In the meantime, it wouldn’t do any harm to let loose your inner child and find something to do for yourself that makes you smile.

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