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Being your own cheerleader

Nice enough weather for outdoor readings

The week I have worked outside my comfort zone, using reversals, as well as being outside in the glorious sunshine. How timely that a reversal should pop up in these week’s ‘card of the week’ draw. It feels to me that reversals are an invitation to address energy blocks we might experience within, or an indication of needing to pay attention to our perception of ourselves with respect to the card drawn.

The Angel oracle card’s message is about what happens when you think or believe a certain way about yourself. For example, if I believe I am no good at something, I most certainly will be rubbish at it. If, however, I change my thinking to ‘With every attempt I get better and better’, then I have more chance of success.

Back to the cards… the upright five of Pentacles is often associated with financial loss, worries and feeling like you don’t have enough of whatever it is you’re lacking (money, a job, time etc). When I saw it reversed the first thought was ‘don’t sell yourself short!’. When taken together with the oracle card, I feel this week’s advice is to be mindful of how I think about myself. I am enough, just as I am. I am in charge of my thoughts and it’s up to me to be my own cheerleader. So here’s my mantra for the week… ‘Because I’m worth it!’

Wishing you all a safe and healthy week ahead.

Julie xx

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