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Right out – part 3

… this is what happens when your brain needs a holiday. You prepare the final part of a series and forget to post it! Doh!!

Last week I filled you in on the delicious food of the first night and our epic, almost off-road, adventure through Coverdale and on to Grassington. I left off the tale in our usual spot, in front of the fire with drinks and a crossword puzzle.

The previous night’s meal was so good, I felt it was safe to order a steak with all the trimmings. I’m a fussy steak eater. I love it cooked to medium rare, but I rarely get a decent cut of meat, despite the write-up on the menu. But this chef, having passed the scrambled egg test, I felt was more than up for the challenge. Sourcing top quality beef is half the story to producing a tasty steak. The rest is in Chef’s hands.

A healthier version of my meal

He didn’t disappoint. Cooked to perfection, not a gristly bit in sight, and accompanied by salad and triple-cooked chips, Mr D and I tucked into our meal. Not one word was spoken between us, only appreciative noises again. Honestly, if the food were any more delicious we’d be in danger of sounding like that scene from When Harry Met Sally! Ooooo err missus! But we restrained ourselves, maintaining a modicum of decorum in the busy restaurant. As the cheese board was excellent we opted to sample it again… just to make sure the quality continued from one day to the next…. At least that was our reason (excuse) for blowing out on it again.

When our meal was over, we relaxed in the lounge bar with the last of the wine. It can be a fascinating pastime watching other tables, particularly if there’s a level of tension between one table and the next. We never did get the whole story, but it seemed that a fall-out between two ladies had caused a split in the friendship group. It was now a ‘them and us’ situation, judging by the barbed comments and passive-aggressive posturing. The more wine consumed, the more barbed the comments. All I could say for sure, is that there’d be a bunch of sore heads tomorrow morning!

It’s going to be a messy morning!

Our empty wine bottle was our sign to retire to our room for the night. We brough extra supplies with us so the night didn’t stop there… not with a large slipper bath and Prosecco to enjoy…

The following morning we were one of the first to arrive at our breakfast table. Our plans for the day did not include an epic walk so we chose a less filling breakfast. Mr D loves eggs benedict and I love smoked salmon, scrambled eggs on freshly baked toasted bread. Again Chef delivered tasty food in plentiful supply. All too soon it was time to check out and make tracks for home… but not by the direct route. As I was in charge of the map and navigation this time, I directed Mr D along some pretty roads, through tiny villages and on to Helmsley. It’s one of my favourite market towns, and a favourite for motorcyclists. We managed to park in one of the last remaining spaces in the center, right next to thousands of pounds-worth of steel horses! It almost made me want to buy one again… almost, but not quite. I prefer the safety of my four wheels.

Helmsley has an amazing castle to visit and is part of the Cleveland way. We regularly walk from the castle to Rievaulx Abbey, a 7mile round trip to the ruins one of the most powerful Cistercian monasteries in England. Not this time though. I was more intent on catching up with in-person retail therapy. Lucky me, I found some new walking trousers and gaiters. Next stop, ye olde sweetie shop where you can buy sweets from childhood days. I can’t walk past without buying some sherbet lemons, aniseed balls, jelly beans and dolly mixtures. Our final stop was for icecream. Rum and raisin for Mr D and mint choc chip for me. What a wonderful end to our first trip away from home, not just out, but out out! I hope it’s the first of many.

Naughty but nice

Next week the Dean household will be on holiday in Cornwall. Here’s to decent waves, decent weather, and fun in the sun. I’ll be taking a break and recharging the batteries.

P.s… the holiday was fun… pt 2 coming soon. Sorry for the confusion.

Until then… stay safe and well

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