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One-liner Wednesday – well, I wasn’t expecting that!

No, indeed. It was a public holiday on Monday, here in the UK. There I was, idly scrolling through Facebook, sipping a wine, when my eye was caught by a particular post… from the company I work for.

‘That’s odd. I’m sure I prepped all our press release slides for this week. I don’t recognise this one!’

‘It says we’re being taken over by another company! Am I reading this right?’

Hands iPad to Mr D for sanity check.

Yup. I read it correctly. We are being bought out!

Oh well. Nothing for it but to go with the flow.

This post is part of Linda G Hill’s midweek prompt. Click here for the details on joining in.

2 thoughts on “One-liner Wednesday – well, I wasn’t expecting that!”

    1. To be fair, as the company buy us our are based in the US, the legal beagles said the press release had to go out on the Monday, irrespective of the UK public holiday. It was a little shocking to say the least. As the one-liner said, I wasn’t expecting that on my timeline. Oh well… nothing to do but wait and see how it pans out!

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