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JusJoJan 6th – waiting with baited breath

Today’s prompt “anticipation” comes from Pamela. Pop over and say Hi and/or give her a follow!

I have to admit the first thing that popped into my head was this immortal line from the Rocky Horror Picture Show

I am, indeed, trembling with…

And than I realised I was also anticipating two events today. Event 1 is where the shareholders of the company that wants to buy out the one I work for, are due to vote… in fact they are voting as I write. I anticipate the vote in favour of the buy-out.

And event 2 is my first 1:1 of the year with my boss, in which I tell him I was unimpressed with hitting every goal in 2021 and being overlooked for promotion (again). I’m blooming sure he’s not anticipating this direction for our first meeting this year!!

Today’s contribution is part of Linda G Hill’s JuJoJan challenge. Click here to join in the fun… go on. You know you want to!

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