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JusJoJan 17th – footloose and fancy free

Here we are, on what is supposed to be ‘Blue Monday’ and our prompt word for today is ‘joy’! Thanks to theindieshe for the suggestion and to Linda G Hill for hosting.

This weekend Mr D and I had the joy and pleasure of visiting London, just our two selves! We spent the majority of the day in the Tower of London.

It’s been on my bucket list for years. I visit London but never get the chance to go. This visit was different. I was in charge of the itinerary, so it was top of the list.

The combination of January, lack of foreign tourists and Baltic conditions meant no queues for anything, not even the Crown Jewels! My , eyes enjoyed seeing these beauties in real life without the pressure of people pushing past etc.

The Tower raven population was entertaining. I knew they were big birds, but had no idea how chatty they could be with their loud and raucous squawking!

Later that day, we met up with friends and enjoyed a fabulous dinner. Afterwards we decided to walk back to our hotel, taking in the sights on the Strand, Westminster and the London Eye.

As we walked past the entrance to Downing Street we though we could hear the sounds of a party and wine glasses clinking. Might have been my imagination!

Anyhoo, this post explains my absence over the weekend. Busy experiencing the joy of a city break.

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