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JustJoJan 2nd – it’s written in the stars

Today’s prompt word ‘constellation’ come from Willow.

The thing I love the most about winter is a clear dark night. I am fortunate to live in the back of beyond, so light polution is not much of a problem for me.

Armed with my trusty stargazing app, I love spotting the less well-known constellations. Cygnus is my favourite. A graceful swan filling the skies. I often imagine my Mum is floating around there when I look up. It gives me some comfort.

In the past week Mr D has joined me in stargazing. He too imagines his recently departed mum floating around the heavens, keeping an eye on us. He hasn’t decided which constelllation will be hers. It’s too soon.

This post is part of Linda G Hill’s JusJoJan challenge.

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