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JustJoJan 3rd – room to breathe!

Today’s word, “solo” is supplied by Dar. Pop over and say Hi!

I love the freedom of ‘flying solo’ when it arises. Mr D needs his car driving (hard and fast) as it’s been in the driveway for too long. I need to fetch food supplies for the pup! And now I have the perfect reason to kill two birds with one stone (horrid expression)!

My car is a super-safe automatic transmission but Mr D’s is a manual sports cabriolet, hence my enthusiasm to tear off into the countryside, driving solo!

Unlike my car, I get to choose the gear too. And as the poor car needed the cobwebs blowing off, I floored it as soon as I left the village.

Yes indeed, dear readers. I was that annoying BMW driver. I should say I’m sorry, but I enjoyed myself far too much! I’m looking forward to my next solo drive. You have been warned!

Today’s confession of driving like a maniac, is part of Linda G Hill’s JusJoJan challenge. Click here for the details on taking part.

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