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JusJoJan 12th – Cath’s sweet secret revealed!

Today’s prompt word is ‘donut’, supplied by Liz Husebye Hartmann and hosted by the one and only Linda G Hill. Why not visit with both bloggers and give them a wee follow if you are not already following.

So… onto today’s word. I have trouble spelling it the short way (donut) so I’m going all UK English here and writing doughnut! When I see the word ‘donut’ my mind wanders off to the Krispy Kreme confections I saw on my trips across the pond, lovely but just don’t quite hit the spot for me. However, when I see the word ‘doughnut’, I think of sugar encrusted, jam-filled (custard at a pinch, if no jammy doughnuts are available) dollops of naughtiness that stick to your hips forever!

My favourite thing to do with a UK doughut (if I’m feeling hedonistic and reckless) is to eat the whole doughnut without licking my lips. Yes it’s messy and yes it’s childish, but who cares!

There! You now know one of my guilty pleasures… and now I have a craving for one! Gah!

4 thoughts on “JusJoJan 12th – Cath’s sweet secret revealed!”

  1. No pastry to go with my coffee this morning, and I am doubly sad, reading your rich description. I agree, the small-shop donuts/doughnuts top the mass-manufactured type, no matter which side of the great pond you call home!

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