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JusJoJan 13th – unlucky for some

Today’s prompt word, ‘reversal’, is supplied by Sadje and hosted by Linda G Hill and her JusJoJan challenge. Please visit and support both bloggers.

Hmmm. Where to start with this word. As a tarot reader I’m used to looking at cards in two ways. The upright card views look outwards from oneself, what is happening around you, whereas reversals, while not necessarily the opposite meaning to an upright card, tend to show up when some internal self-work is required. But that’s just my view of things.

On a practical level, I am fortunate to own a car with a lovely rear camera, meaning I can execute a reversal in car parks with style and panache. When it comes to parallel parking on the street, the camera is vital to reversing into the tightest of parking spots without breaking sweat, or touching bumpers (fenders for my readers across the Pond). This is particularly useful when you have an audience of nosey pedestrians!

There’s nothing so satisfying as squeezing onto said tight spot and seeing the look of amazement on bystanders faces. Call me Mrs Smug!

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