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JusJoJan 17th – It’s in the title (almost)

‘Hyphenated’ is today’s prompt word for JusJoJan, supplied by Sally, and hosted by Linda. Go say hi-(phenated) to both bloggers and give them a follow if you haven’t already.

It’s quite a timely prompt. After all, gyms around the world are jam-packed with newbies hell-bent on getting that six-pack physique. By the end of January the same gyms will be empty except for the most dedicated of gym bunnies, New Year resolutions abandoned in favour of sofa-surfing and a quick ready-meal.

Not me. I know I’m not gym bunny material. I’m much more of a make-it-up-as-I-go person… except yoga nights. I show remarkable self-discipline when it comes to my yoga class. One, it keeps me fit and flexible and two, I get a whole hour of me-time.

Well – (not a hyphen, it’s a dash) I think that’s all I have on the subject of hyphenation. I’ll be back tomorrow with One-liner Wednesday (oh look, one sneaked it at the last minute!).

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