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#SoCS – the best laid plans and all that …

Generally, the Easter weekend in the Dean household involves walks in the countryside, picnics (weather-permitting) and a chance to wind down from work.

Yesterday, armed with stout walking boots and suitable clothing, we headed off to a lovely beauty spot in the North Yorkshire Moors, Mallyan Spout, a spectacular waterfall in a deep gorge. The last time we visited was during the drought of 2022. The spout was more of a dribble.

This year we hadn’t banked on just how much rain had fallen! The steep pathway down to the stream was awash with mud. Everyone was taking extreme care to get down… everyone expect our daft doggo. She as happily hauling Mr D towards the roiling water.

We reached the spout, spouting well, took photos and started to climb back over the slippery rocks when disaster struck. I slipped on a particularly wet rock, turned my left ankle, lost my balance completely, plunging into the freezing cold water and bashing my right knee as I ended up submerged.

Getting out was an effort. Dripping wet from head to foot, I realised I had to hobble back over the remaining rocks, squelch up the aforementioned mud slide, and worst of all, I realised I had scuppered the picnic plans! Normally I’m such a genial wee person, but not then. I turned the air blue with every painful hobble.

Fast forward to today, I’ve been examined, X-rayed and nothing broken. Ligaments are torn though. I’m learning to use crutches and learning how to sit still! Ah well, might as well make the most of it and do those little handcraft jobs I’ve got piled up in my work box.

Thank you to Linda G Hill for hosting the Stream of Consciousness Saturday challenge. Click here to see her rules of engagement.

4 thoughts on “#SoCS – the best laid plans and all that …”

  1. Oh! Cath what a chapter of accidents , absolutely a horrible experience…. I am shivering just thinking of you.
    Take care with those ligaments they take longer than bones to mend… I know . Get well and rest up and happy Easter.💜💜🌹🌹


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