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Week one – flying solo

It’s been a whole week and a bit since I finished therapy with Dr Siskin. I hope her present is flourishing as much as my half is. I’ve still no idea what I’m growing but the seeds have germinated nicely. As far as I can tell, there are some grasses and maybe some flowers. Time will tell.

I’ll admit to being a little apprehensive about not seeing the good doc on a weekly basis. Ok, I was a lot apprehensive. So far my fears have been unfounded. That’s not to say life has been so dull and quiet that nothing has disturbed my inner peace. Far from it.

Cost Centre 2 set off with his mates for a “lads holiday” on the same day as news reports about a similar-aged youngster having fallen to his death from a hotel balcony. I stoped myself from reading any further than the first sentence. No sense in adding further fuel to the panic fire!

Preparations are under way for a massive family invasion, the likes of which haven’t happened for twenty years. Mr D and I work tirelessly to keep each set of inlaws apart. They don’t get on. Next week they will just have to suck it up and be nice for one whole day… Cost Centre 1 will be graduating from university, a great excuse for a good celebration. I will have emergency gin and tonic hidden in our bedroom just in case!

This weekend, Mr D and I managed to wrangle some time to ourselves to celebrate our wedding anniversary. A day out, tootling around the countryside in his car (open top), a proper picnic, and a overnight stay in a country inn were our present s to ourselves. Funny how it took less than five minutes in the car before we started discussing our kids, their futures etc. Gah! It can be hard to remember to talk about our own hopes, dreams. I guess it’s habit.

The times I miss the one hour session are mostly centred around work. That’s when I get most stressed, irritated and focussed on the smallest of bodily niggles (that I can catastrophise in a heartbeat!). I can almost hear Dr Siskin’s voice reminding me to use one of the many coping strategies I have at my disposal.

Baby steps Cath. Baby steps.

Oo, that reminds me. Look what wandered into my garden this morning.

I’ve set up a food and watering shelter for him/her. The poor little things are having a hard time during the UK heatwave. You can see how dried the ground is. I hope it survives. Fingers crossed.

Happy Monday xx

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One-liner Wednesday – out of darkness, into light

Faith, it’s said, can move mountains. – Matthew 17:20

After yesterday’s miraculous rescue of the Thai boys and their coach, it can also achieve the seemingly impossible.

How wonderful to see what we humans can achieve when we work in synergy, becoming greater than the sum of the individual parts we play.

It moved me to tears of joy when the last rescuer was safely out of the caves. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Saman Gunan. The death of such a skilled diver made the rescue seem all the more impossible, and yet, here we are today, celebrating success.

If I write much more in this topic I’ll be awash in mascara-streaked tears again.

Wishing you all a blessed Wednesday xx

This emotional post is part of Linda G Hill’s weekly One-liner Wednesday challenge. Pop over, read the guidelines and join in the fun.


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Nearly knocked out by my …

… boobs!

Yes, lovely readers, I did go shopping for new bikinis as I said I would yesterday. And very successfully too. One set, a bright sapphire blue, was in a half-price sale, while the other, a luscious turquoise, wasn’t, not that the price stopped me (Mr D nearly had a dicky fit though!)

Cost Centre 1 came with me as my trusty fashion advisor and changing room runner. She earned her keep today by bringing in a continual supply of new tops and matching bottoms to try on, until we had the perfect sets.

I’m pleased to say the purchases satisfied my two criteria, keeping the ‘girls’ under control and being pretty.

So far so good. But how on God’s green earth can you possibly knock yourself out with your own boobs while shopping for bikinis? Surely it’s not that physical an activity? The answer lies with my next purchase, a new pair of running shoes.

I’ve always gone to a running shop to have my trainers fitted. It’s good to make sure you have the right type of shoe for the distance you plan to run, the terrain, as well as for your running style. I popped into the shop, pleased with myself that I’d remembered to bring my own running socks, and waited my turn to have my running gait analysed.

With my first test shoes on, I jumped onto the treadmill while the assistant set everything up. The belt started off nice and slowly, and with the word “ready” he turned up the pace. I was super-pleased with how quickly I adapted to the pace and how cushioned the shoes felt.

The belt slowed and I was given the results… “great news, you have a lovely neutral gait.”

All that yoga has helped me strengthen my legs and ankles so I do not overpronate (roll in on my ankles) any more. No more clunky trainers for me. I tried on another pair and got back in the treadmill again. This time the assistant, confident that I was capable on the machine, turned the speed right up. And that’s when it happened!

The ‘girls’ took on a life of their own, much to the amusement of everyone passing the shop window! Their wild oscillations were gaining momentum until I gave up my last shred of dignity, took each one in hand, and clutched them tightly to my chest.

Slightly breathless and very red-faced, I stepped off the treadmill, beating a hasty retreat to my chair. Taking my new shoes to the counter, I hastily paid for them and shot out of the shop as fast as possible.

Note to self, next time I test out new trainers, make sure I am suitably upholstered underneath as well as bringing running socks.

Wishing you all a serene Sunday xx

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SoCS – Summer holiday shopping

Mr D and I are heading for exotic climes later this summer in celebration of his 50th birthday. The last time we travelled far afield it was October (2 years ago, for my big 50!). 0It was fun shopping for suitable clothing and swimwear when the shops were gearing up for Halloween and Christmas!

This time I’m shopping now. I need bikinis and they must not leave me unsupported. I’m no supermodel but my ‘girls’ do require decent upholstery. Suppliers are not hard to find but these ‘little bits of nothingness’ cost a small fortune!

I suppose I could try cheaper on-line brands, however they might not live up to the advertising superhype.

What a dilemma? I shall think about my options whilst supine, on the sun deck.

Have a super Saturday everyone xx

This week’s SoCS prompt challenged us to use ‘sup’…. so I tried to get ias many as possible.

Thank you Linda G Hill.

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Ending and beginnings

Today my weekly sessions with Dr Siskin ended. As you would expect, I had mixed emotions. Happy that I’m in a much better place, better equipped to keep my mind (and body) healthy, and sad that the protected time with the good doc is over.

An ending this undoubtedly is, but it also marks a new beginning. I’m beginning to trust my own intuition, to enjoy more spirituality (even though my family thinks I’m bonkers. Well not my daughter so much. But the boys certainly think I’m batty), and to take the time to be a human being, instead of a human doing.

But what to get Dr Siskin as a ‘thank you’ present?

The ubiquitous wine and chocolates combo just didn’t do it for me. Then I remembered the packet of unknown seeds from our neighbour’s wedding. We were instructed to watch the love grow.

Perfect. I would ‘share the love’.

Like Samwise Gamgee, who couldn’t keep all of Lady Galadriel’s gift to himself, (and no, I’m not sorry for the nerdy LoTR reference) I decided to share the seeds. I sowed them last week, found a lovely pot to display them, and watered them in with rose quartz charged water. How much more love could I squeeze into one present?

It was fun to hand it over, even more so when I told her I’d no idea what would grow. We’ll have fun watching the seedlings emerge, and more fun trying to identify each plant. I know I will think of her whenever I check up on my pot. If I’m lucky, the plants may be perennials, in which case neither of us will forget the other.

I’ll finish off with a quote I wrote in her card –

“It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.” – Eckhart Tolle

Wishing you all a blessed Thursday xx

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One-liner Wednesday – I know!

“I’m not young enough to know everything.” – Oscar Wilde

I had one of ‘those’ conversations with my son the other day…

Me: “So, you’ve been back from travelling for nearly 2 months now. You could do with finding a job.”

CC2: “I know.”

Me: “How’s your CV looking?”

CC2: “Good and up to date.”

Me: “Cool. You kinda need to send it out with a covering letter if you want to land a job… or you could hand it out in person.”

CC2: “I know.”

Me: “It also means getting up, dressed, and, heaven forbid, actually going outside to hunt down that job.”

CC2: “I know.”

Me: “For someone who “knows” so much, not a lot seems to be happening yet.”

CC2: “I know.”

Me: “I see where this is going…” (wanders downstairs, logs into the router, disables access to all CC2 devices)

CC2: “Mum… the internet has gone again!”

Me: “I know”

This week’s slightly late one-liner Wednesday was brought to you by a fed-up mum! Oh and a weekly prompt from Linda G Hill. For full guidelines on participation, pop over to her blog.


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Lunchtime Aerobatics

Air Show

Lunchtime dog walks are usually a quiet affair, unless Molly takes off in hot pursuit of partridges or pheasants, refusing to come back. Today’s walk started out as normal, Molly walking me at top speed as soon as she sees the entrance to the fields. She only stops long enough for me to unclasp her lead before rushing headlong into the waist-high meadow grasses.

Moments later I was aware of a high-pitched whine overhead. Squinting into the sky I could just pick out a red dot climbing rapidly, spiralling as it gained height.

Then silence!

Holding my breath, I watched in horror as the red dot grew bigger, plummeting to earth.

Had the engine stalled on the climb and not restarted? I know nothing about flying but this didn’t seem normal. My heart was hammering in my chest as I watch the plane dive. At the point where my mobile phone was in hand and poised to dial the emergency services, the engine roared into life and the bi-plane barrel-rolled. Shaking with relief, I guessed that this was a stunt plane and the pilot, oblivious to my panic, was probably having the time of his/her life! Phew!

The plane faded into the distance as my gaze scanned the sky a tree altitude. On the way earthward, I spotted a more natural aerial acrobat… a Red Kite. They were extinct in my neck of the woods until recently. I wasn’t so scared watching it dive to the ground after its lunch. At shoulder altitude a pair of partridges took flight, flushed out by Molly, their alert warning some lapwings to take to the skies. It certainly was all about flight this lunchtime.

Even the ground altitude was not clear of flying thingies. Butterflies, bees, and beetles filled the air in front of me. I counted at least five different types of butterfly and three types of bees. Don’t ask about the beetles as some of the flying bugs were a little too keen on biting me so I beat a hasty retreat… I suspect they were horseflies, not beetles.

Apart from the ground-dwelling birds, Molly was completely oblivious to the insect display. She didn’t even notice a butterfly landing on her head. It’s a shame I wasn’t quick enough to photograph her.

Lunchtime dog walks are climbing up the ranks of interesting and amusing chores round here. I wonder what I’ll see tomorrow? With final practices taking place across the UK for the RAF centenary fly-past later this month it could be anything from Tucanos to Spitfires, Hercules transporters to Hurricanes. I may need to swap my bird guide for a plane guide!

Wishing you all a terrific Tuesday xx