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One-liner Wednesday – mindfulness

‘Prayer is when we talk to God. Meditation is when God talks to you.’

Looks like we’ve had quite a long chat!

Today’s midweek pondering is brought to you by Linda G Hill and my meditation app, Headspace.

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday xx

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Tuesday meditation visualisation

It’s so amazing what springs to mind while walking the pup in foul weather. There we were, trudging head-long into a fierce cold wind, rain lashing my face when I had an idea for a meditation/visualisation.

Standing tall in the middle of a bridge over a small stream, allow any cares or worries you’ve been holding onto, to drop gently into the flow. (Lucky me, I was actually standing in exactly this spot.)

Watch, or in my case, walk beside them, as they make their way downstream. In your mind’s eye, picture the stream widening just before it joins a river, the cares and worries still bobbing along.

See your little trouble tumble over rapids, rest in eddies, before rejoining the main stream, as it widens, nearing it’s estuary.

As the river joins the sea, your care/worry becomes microscopic, almost transparent. It’s hard to spot it in the large body of water.

Far out to sea, away from land, the sun is shining, warming the surface and transforming your now tiny care/worry into a water droplet, light as a feather. Floating in the rising warmth, the droplet makes its way skyward to join a white, fluffy cloud.

Caught in a breeze, the cloud, cuddling your care/worry, drifts slowly back towards land. As the droplets make their long way back to earth, they are momentarily transformed into something wonderful. The sun, still shining, has brought out the hidden quality of each transparent droplet – a rainbow.

And so your care/worry has finished its journey, transformed, and you have a sign of hope.

Meanwhile… back in the real world, my journey home featured jumping in puddles, splashing an already mucky pup and a good hosing down before we were allowed back into our cosy house.

Wishing you all a tranquil Tuesday.

Cath xx

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#SoCS – What’s my role?

As my regular readers will know, through the powers of social media I was put in touch with an old flame, not just any old boyfriend, but the my first! Oooo, I blushed as I typed that. Hehe! Actually, we were each other’s first.

As you also know, the circumstances which prompted the search for me are sad… no point in beating about the bush. He is dying of secondaries following a initial successful removal of a primary melanoma.

When our mutual friend managed to track me down via Facebook, not an easy task when he didn’t know my married name, I was full of trepidation. What role did he think I would play? Cheerer-upper? Consoler? I tried to find our anything about him on social media but turned up nothing, not even a photo! Considering just how small Mr T’s online footprint (literally zero!) is, would he even be up for renewing our friendship?

Turns out, after a few email exchanges, he was very much pleased to be back in touch, even if only for his last few weeks on Earth. He’s not lost his dry sense of humour. If anything he’s worse, which makes me smile through the sad tears that fall when I think about his situation.

So, back to my role in this. Why has the universe seen fit to set our paths to cross again? Here’s what I think it is.

I’m the only one who remembers him as a teenager, unspoilt by the troubles that plagued his adult life and all the accompanying issues. It’s my job to write to him and recount the times we spent together being daft youngsters, to remind him that there were lots of happy times. As far as I can tell, my trips down memory lane have cheered him up no end. I know I can’t ‘fix’ this, but I can make it more pleasant if possible.

I have one last thing to do before, as he puts it, the Grim Reaper ambushes him, and that’s to thank him for being himself when I knew him, for leaving me with good memories of him, for his gentleness, kindness and mad humour, and most of all, for setting me free all those years ago. At the time I was devastated, but it started me down a path that lead me to Mr Dean, so how can I be anything except grateful.

I’m going to do it the old fashioned way and write a letter, on paper, with a fountain pen too. I just need to keep a wad of blotting paper to hand to roll over ink splotches and any tear splats.

Thank you to the super-organised Linda G Hill for the weekly prompt. Pop on over and check out her wonderful blog.

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One-liner Wednesday – Carpe Diem!

Take chances Life is for living. My old friend (terminally ill and nearing the end) has advised me to blooming well Carpe the living daylights out of every Diem I’m blessed with. Who am I to argue?
Visit the amazing Linda G Hill for more info on joining in the mid-week fun. one-liner-wednesday-badge-2018-19
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From Meh to Motivated!

After a super-hectic weekend, in which I got nothing done on my to-do list, but kept lots of other people happy, I woke up feeling very grumpy and Monday-morningish!

‘Argh! It can’t be 7:00am already… snooze button time.’

What seemed like seconds later –

‘Just one more snooze.’

Nanoseconds later –

‘Nooooo. I need another hour.’

‘Never mind an hour. I need a whole extra Sunday!’ muttered Mr D, buried under pillows and the duvet.

After dragging ourselves vertical, washing, dressing and sorting out the over-enthusiastic pup, Mr D and I were huddled round the breakfast bar with a much needed coffee to hand. With a deep breath, Mr D plunged into his working day, unlike me. I still wasn’t ready to log in.

I have a morning ritual of sorts, things I like to do before I crack on with the paid work.

  • Check in with my rose quartz pendulum
  • Use my pendulum to help select crystals to assist me during the day
  • Select a card from my Angel Oracle deck as a guiding principle for the day
  • Write up the day plan in my Yoga Greatness journal (this bit might involve a gratitude list, an inspiration list and definitely an affirmation list)

This morning I went off piste a little and changed decks to use Earth Magic cards. I wasn’t planning a three card reading (past, present, future) but the deck had other ideas and three fell out as I was shuffling them. And what an inspiring draw!

As a woman just freshly post-menopausal, the Dragonfly Card is so apt. It speaks of intense and rapid change necessary for the next cycle of my life. It also advises going gracefully with the flow into the next stage instead of trying to hold onto the past. Note to self – chillax!

The second card, Spring Equinox, refers to rebirth following challenging times.. Well that’s an understatement, considering what weird and scary symptoms the menopause can generate. Mostly it feels like they might never end. However, this card reminds me to stay string and have faith, the next phase is going to be amazing.

The third card, Dreamtime is almost teasing me. I’d love to be able to sleep well enough to dream, but I’m regularly awake at 3am, unable to fall asleep again. On the occasional night I do sleep well, I don’t remember dreaming. Still, I could try some yoga nidra to get into a state of very deep relaxation. The card advises me to pay attention to any images, sounds, or feeling that pop up during deep relaxation/dreaming, as they will provide a pathway to new creative expression.

Well, with a card draw like that there’s no way I could stay Monday morningish for long. Mind you, I needed a second cuppa to help me avoid a state of deep relaxation (full on snore-fest) during my first online meeting of the day!

Wishing you all a motivating Monday.

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One-liner Wednesday – just one of ‘those’ days

Ford Quote

Today I seem to be pushing water uphill with a fork or attempting to nail jelly to a tree!

Join in Linda‘s wonderful Wednesday fun to help us get over the midweek hump and slide gently into the weekend with smiles on our faces.


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It’s oh so quiet…

… and oh so still.

Nothing but the wind susurrating through the trees and me, welly-boot clad, scrunching and crunching through the fallen leaves.

The peace is momentarily shattred by a shrill squawk of a very surprised pheasant. Poor thing had no idea pup was sneaking up on him.

We’re enjoying the peace for now.

After sunset I expect it will be a differenct story, a noisy riot in the form of fireworks. Here in the UK it is Guy Fawkes Night which means the night skies will be alight with fireworks. Fortunately pup is not remotely disturbed by them so she and I will wrap up warmly and watch them together.

display pink fireworks celebrate

There’s something magical about the sight of glittering colours, the sounds you feel in your chest, and the smell of gunpowder. I can’t help it. I’ll be oooing and aaaahing like a small kid in a sweetshop.

If you’re taking part, stay safe and enjoy.