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#1linerWednesday & JusJoJan 12th – time out

It’s the second week of January. My resolution to rediscover my racing-snake form is still in tact. Work is flying along at a great pace. However, in order to keep going, I need some balance. Moments of simply being a human, being, are needed to recharge the batteries for when I need to be a human, doing!

This little nugget of wisdom is part of Linda G Hill’s 1linerWednesday challenge, as well as my offering for JusJoJan. Pop over and say “Hi”. Join in the fun.

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#One-liner Wednesday and JusJoJan 5th

Due to the fact I went back to work yesterday, following a whole two weeks off, I forgot to post yesterday’s JusJoJan! Oops! And it was a great word too – “generosity”.

As I stepped on the scales this morning, nearly fainted at the readout, I realised that the generosity of my food and drink offerings over the festive period, may have incurred some unwanted baggage in the waistline department.

Ah well. It’s the sign of a good holiday!

Today’s prompt combo is part of Linda G Hill’s January fun and the regular Wednesday challenge. Click here to find out how to take part.