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One-liner Wednesday – Age rules and exceptions

The Rules

The following sayings are now banned in my presence –

“… at my age…”

“… too young for me…”

“… having a senior moment…”

I am no longer attaching meaning to numbers. For example – fifty-something is getting on a bit. Sixty is getting old.

No! None of that nonsense here. Age is a state of mind, not the number of years we’ve lived and breathed.

The Exception

Age doesn’t count unless you are a beautifully mature cheese, or wine, or both!

Happy Wednesday everyone.

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I’m off on an adventure…


…to find my inner goddess!

A few days ago, I opened an email from Dr Christiane Northrup’s site… I’d signed up to receive updates and news. This particular email contained a link to download one of her books for free. The title intrigued me, as did the inclusion of a 14 day plan. Do I even have an inner goddess, and if so, can she be ageless? I’ve decided to set out on an adventure to find her.

Having skim-read the opening chapters, I flipped to the back for the 14 day plan. It looks to be just the sort of thing I’ve been thinking of doing anyway. I’ve made appointments with myself for the next 14 days, blocking out time in my day to try each challenge. Each day has its own theme, with an affirmation and a prayer to assist.

I’ll let you know how each day goes. Today’s theme is about breaking out of the Age Cage! Now where did I leave my wrecking ball?!