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One-liner Wednesday – Seasonal display


I like to think of Autumn as Mother Nature putting on her best party dress.

This week’s midweek musings are prompted by Linda G Hill and her amazingly naughty dog biscuit photos!

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#SoCS – I love Autumn!


The background trees in my garden are changing colour with the turning of the seasons. The beech is slowly turning coppery, while the outermost leaves of the sycamore are turning ruby-red. Ripe round crabapples and other autumnal fruits add to the rich colour palette, made more golden by the early autumn sunlight.

In the foreground stands my young apple tree, heavy with rosy red apples, a battleground for wasps. If you listen carefully you can hear the striped combatants fighting each other for the rights to pillage a fallen apple. I’ll have to wait till the sun sets before I collect my share of the spoils.

Autumn is a wonder time of the year. It’s almost as if nature is having one last big party before winter, and she’s determined to wear her best colours. The one slight downside is the fact that my usual spot for outdoor yoga isn’t quite the peaceful and grounding experience it was during the hight of summer. As I lie on my mat I am continually bombarded with falling seeds, helicoptering their way to the ground. Ah well. If that’s the worst thing I can come up with for Autumn then I’m a lucky lady indeed.

See you around – Cath xx

Today’s SoCS comes from Linda G Hill’s prompt to use the word “ground” in any way we see fit.