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Unexpected bonus!

My couch to 5K challenge has not only encouraged me to get my butt in gear and move, it has also forced me to take a critical look at my food intake.

Being menopausal means I can no longer eat the way I used to and expect my body to function well. She needs a different fuel mix to stay healthy and mobile. Wave bye-bye to refined carbs and hello to wholegrain pasta and rice (in moderation) and home-baked seeded bread.

Speaking of moving (sorry, I couldn’t stop myself!) … here’s another of my smoothie recipes to keep the innards working like clockwork.

Cath’s Green Gut Blaster

  • 1/2 avocado
  • fistful of chopped carrot
  • fistful spinach
  • fistful kale
  • tbs milled seeds (same mix as yesterday’s smoothie)
  • 1 portion protein powder (see the pack for portion size)
  • 4 chopped prunes (you may need to alter the portion size if the effects are a little too strong!)
  • Water, enough to make the smoothie pourable

And here’s the unexpected bonus… my hair, skin and nails are in top condition according to my beauty therapist.Healthy inside and out.

Happy Friday Eve everyone xx

Blog Posts

Day 12: Create a personal paradise worthy of Aphrodite

Today’s affirmation –

“I am worthy of my own personal paradise – a place for renewal and rejuvenation.”

Today’s prayer –

“Divine Creator, please change me into someone who honours herself by surrounding herself with space that reflects her inner beauty and divinity.”

So today I’m supposed to do an activity in 15 mins flat… declutter a drawer or make a small space pretty. Hmmm. All the drawers are tidy or empty due to our building work. Let’s opt for the pretty space. I had it all set out in my mind. Candles and nice bath products for my bathroom, a pretty box to hold all my luxuries, and then, decorate the sundeck with lanterns and blankets on the chairs. I fancied watching the stars this evening.

And then life happened. The glazier turned up to install our new French doors. We’ve been waiting for a while to have them installed, but did he have to pick today?! Soon my writing area reverberated to the sound of demolition and installation. How noisy are hammer drills?! I have to say, the end result is wonderful. I can already picture Sunday lunch with the doors open, sun shining, and the garden beckoning. But right now, back in the real world, it is raining hard. Looks like we goddesses are at the mercy of the weather. I won’t be decorating the deck later and the stars will remain veiled behind thick clouds.

Ah well. My silver lining came in the form of an afternoon in the beauty salon. A whole afternoon in a room fit for a princess, with relaxing music, luxurious products, and gentle hands. Let the weather do what it will while I lie back ane enjoy every minute of pampering.