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#SoCS – Lipsmackingthirstquenching…

Linda’s Saturday challenge is here and her word of choice is ‘lip’.

Unusually I’m wearing lippy today, a bright raspberry Bobbi Brown. It’s my go-to colour for parties and special occasions. However I’m in one of those carpe diem sorta moods so I put on a full face of makeup , including the luscious lippy. And the occasion? Dog walkies!

I needed a brisk walk to clear my head. So much has happened this week with Mum. I fear her health is deteriorating rapidly due to her lack of food intake. The doctors, nurses, and radiologists have spoken to her about the need to feed, but I see the look on her face and know she’s just giving it lip service! Gah! So infuriating!!!

However, a heavy duty gardening session after the dog walk has worked up quite a thirst so I’m off to get my lips round an ice-cold beer or two.

Cheers everyone xx