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JusJoJan 31st – the last post

… for JusJoJan 2023. Due to family and work circumstances, I’ve managed to miss a chunk of blogging. So, consider this a mega-blog to make up for it. You may need to engage your endurance, exercise some patience while you’re reading (this post wanders a lot), and make sure to set up your ideal amenities for your persoal comfort.

Meanwhile, as I write my last seasonal JusJoJan, I am reminded to express my gratitude for your friendship, sympathy and support throughout recent events. The Dean family will dust themselves down, take our canine pupster for a good long walk in the fresh air and hope to be back on form again soon.

Looking further ahead, I can already see Mr D’s plans for my retirement… he would like to keep me busy with DIY and furniture up-cycling. I like the idea, but if he even thinks about buying me a paintbrush for my birthday there will be hell to pay… mostly on his credit card!

And with that, I am down to one last word, Phantom. What on earth to do with that? Be grateful that pupster has been spayed so she never has to go through a phantom pregnancy? Or book tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera when Mr D and I are next in London? Who knows!

Oops! Just when you think it’s all done, there’s one more word… periwinkle. This word conjures up two memories. The first one is of me as a small child on the beach, combing through tidal rock pools, collecting periwinkles in my beach bucket and then being sad when I had to let them go at the end of the day. And the second memory is of Mum on my wedding day. She loved periwinkle blue and managed to find an outfit, shoes, hat and handbag, all in matching periwinkle. The colour suited her perfectly. It was my favourite ‘posh do’ outfit and saw a few more weddings after its first outing.

And with that, we are done. JusJoJan is over for another year. I’d like to thank all the word suppliers (see this post for the full list and links) and our host, Linda G Hill. I don’t know how she manages to be so organized!

Blog Posts, Prompts

JusJoJan 19th – disseminating dissatisfaction

Thank you to John for supplying today’s prompt, complaint, and Linda G Hill for hosting this month-long annual event.

What a cool word. At first, I misread the word. My brain decided it had seen the word, compliant. All the right letters, just not quite in the same order. If I hadn’t re-read the prompt post from Linda, this post might have had quite a different theme!

I’m not big on registering complaints. Things have to have gone spectacularly wrong for me to express my dissatisfaction. Mr D, on the other hand, will let you know, in no uncertain terms, how badly you have failed to meet expectations, where you went wrong and what you can do to rectify it. I duck for cover in case I’m roped in as the support act!!

Nor do I suffer from any complaint (illness / condition). As far as I know, I’m in decent shape, all things considered (touch wood).

That said, with the way things are turning out at work (we are in full integration and migration mode as two companies become one), I may well change my tune about complaining and developing a stress-related complaint!

Aaaaand breathe!