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To bee or not to bee…

So today is my first day back at work after a wonderful week in magical Cornwall. Within minutes of opening my inbox I was wishing myself back there. It’s taken me all day to sort through the crap to find the actual things to do.

I was so glad when close of business came round. I don’t think I’ve ever shot out of my office and into yoga as fast as I did today. Lucky me. The weather is perfect for outdoor yoga. Molly joined me for a few down-dogs and got in the way of a nearly great triangle!

Naughty puppy! Fancy trying to knock Mummy over!

Molly trotted off in disgust when I didn’t pay her much more attention. Settling down for a ten minute meditation session under my holly tree, I was on the point of closing my eyes when a massive downdraught appeared next to my left hand, followed by a super-loud buzzzzzzz.

A bumble bee landed on me. After carefully washing its antennas, it proceeded to settle down for a rest. So there I was, me meditating and the bee possibly joining in. Bliss. I even managed to stroke the fur without disturbing it.

Afterwards, it seemed very reluctant to say good bye. Even a lovely nectar-rich flower was not nearly as interesting as my hand. I made up a sugar solution (there’s a good recipe for it here) and offered up a little drink. It seems my meditating bee was tired and thirsty. Within minutes it took off and headed out into the garden.

The start of my day may not have been great but the end sure was.

Happy Monday my lovelies xx