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Time to take my foot off the brakes!

The Hanged Man is back again, but this time he’s reversed! Remember he’s been stalking me in previous weeks, encouraging me to take time out, to look at life from a different perspective. The upright advice centres around allowing yourself the time to simply stop and observe your life, letting go of things that no longer serve your highest good. Lockdown ensured we all had time out whether we wanted it or not. And now here he is, back again but in the reversed position, and accompanied by the Fresh Air oracle card.

It looks like the message for this week is to get moving again, and breathe fresh air back into life again. As I have a dog that requires daily walks, fresh air has never been in short supply.Maybe this is too literal and interpretation. On the other hand, we are encouraged to wash hands, cover our faces, keep to our 2m space, and ventilate rooms regularly, so taking the oracle card at face value is likely to be a great idea. It’s a shame the weather isn’t as warm as last week. Throwing open windows and doors to air the house isn’t quite so inviting on colder days. It won’t stop me – much to my family’s annoyance. That’s what extra jumpers are for!

Meanwhile, back with the reversed Hanged Man, his main themes are feelings of not being able to make a decision, not wanting to make a decision (not the same as being unable) and delays. However, in situations where things have been on hold, such as lockdowns, this card comes as a long awaited green light to get back into the flow of life again.

It’s only Monday morning and so far this has manifested in long-overdue appointments for selfcare coming in thick and fast. They’re like buses out here in the back of beyond – none for ages and then they all turn up at once. Not one but two calls from my dental practice, one to offer me a cancellation slot for some horrible work due on a big old molar that’s seen better days, and the other to offer me an initial consultation for braces! I promised myself at the beginning of this year, to sort out my front teeth alignment.

I had just put the phone down when my mobile buzzed to let me know my cancelled hair cut has been rescheduled… for tomorrow! It’s six months since I last saw my hairdresser! I usually wear my hair longish, below my collar bones, but now it’s half way down my chest. As for my fringe, it’s long enough to tuck under my chin! I’m so excited to have a restyle, or at least a fringe I can see out of, without constantly tucking it behind my ears, or accidentally nearly swallowing it when I eat.

The arrival of our post delivered a letter inviting my to book in for an eye test! I could do with a new prescription and a new pair of frames. The sparkly bits have fallen off the legs and I don’t see as well with the current prescription. This is going to be a pain in the wallet but it’s not as if I’ve spent much over the past six months of restrictions. At least with an up-to-date prescription I won’t be constantly adjusting my new glasses as I sit to write up readings and blogs!

I wonder how the reversed Hanged Man will manifest himself for you. You can write your observations in the comments section below.

Wishing you all a blessed week.

Blog Posts, Tarot

Biting off more than you can chew?

Last week’s draw focussed on some form of poverty in my life and the need for assertiveness. As I have all I need moneywise, this poverty was more to do with my mindset, my spiritual health and wealth. I am still processing the loss of my mother last year, which has taken its toll on that aspect of me. I’ve tried to cope with overwhelming feelings of sadness and tears that spring from nowhere, in response to nothing in particular, but I’m not sure I’m really coping. I sat myself down at the bottom of the garden and had a word with myself. The result is I’m booking in with a bereavement counsellor to help me sort through everything I’m experiencing. This should boost my spiritual health (and wealth) in the long term.

Work smarter to achieve what you really want

Meanwhile, back to this week, and the cards drawn are once again, working hand in hand. The Angel Oracle is asking me to think about what I really want out of life, while the Ten of Wands is showing an overburdened person. This situation comes from taking on everything in the mistaken belief that somewhere, in amongst it all, I’ll find some contentment.

The oracle card is advising me to take time to work out what I do and don’t want in my life. But where to start? Every time I try to think about this, I get side-tracked by the voice that reminds me of all the things I have to do as a mum, wife and worker. There’s no getting away from those obligations… and I wouldn’t want to either. However, this line of thinking is getting me nowhere!

I rephrased the question to ‘If I could have the moon on a stick, with sparkles and glitter, what would I wish for?’ In no particular order here’s my wish list:

  • Retire from corporate life with a tidy pension
  • Spend more time in my greenhouse and garden. My front garden is in need of a makeover – no time while I’m working
  • Be brave enough to do more tarot and oracle readings for more people, maybe even in person now that the UK is opening up again
  • Go on a bee-keeping course and have my own hives

It’s a short and fun list, so why is the Ten of Wands popping up? This card is a reminder of what happens when you spread yourself too thinly. Being a natural ‘yes’ person is great for other people but not necessarily great for me. It’s also a time management card. It reminds me of a course I attended years ago. The visual I remember most clearly is the decision matrix.

  • Urgent + important = do these things now
  • Non-urgent + important = book time in the diary for these things
  • Urgent + unimportant = delegate where possible
  • Non-urgent + unimportant = file under B for bin!

I seem to remember this course also advised attendees to work smarter, not harder. Now all I have to do is employ a smidge of assertiveness as advised last week, and say the word ‘no’ with kindness and confidence, applying this old knowledge to my current life. As my Mum would say ‘try not to sweat the small stuff’.

If you could  have guaranteed success, what would you wish for in your life? How would you apply the decision matrix to offload some of your burdens?

Wishing you a safe and healthy week.

Julie xx